“The Judaism we are looking for can be found at IJS.”

— Audrey Brooks

Our Programs


The Institute’s programs are organized within four categories: Jewish Communal Leadership Development, Stand-Alone Institute Experiences, Spiritual Practice Teacher Training and Think Tank Program Development. We adapt the programmatic components—retreats, interim study, and core practices—to the personal and professional needs of our participants.


Jewish Communal Leadership Development

Clergy Leadership Program

An 18-month program for rabbis and cantors, aimed towards cultivating prayer, learning of Hasidic texts, meditation and yoga as core spiritual practices. The program includes four retreats and in-between havruta learning. The first cohort began in January 2014.


Alumni program for graduates of our rabbinic, cantorial, and educator cohorts. The program is comprised of semiannual stand-alone retreats and a resource bank for sharing resources and program ideas.


An 18-month program for community leaders focusing on cultivating mindfulness, prayer, and learning as spiritual practices. The program includes four retreats, check-ins with Institute faculty, and interim havruta learning. Kivvun is the only program that fully pays for itself. The third cohort began in the spring of 2014.


Stand-Alone Institute Experiences

Spiritual Practice Retreats

Twice a year we hold four day retreats that are open to anyone. Retreat programs focus on our core practices.

Silent Retreats

We occasionally offer a contemplative silent retreat experience that is open to anyone.

Text Study

The institute offers two strands of text study. Each year we explore the work of a different Hasidic master. Participants receive a weekly email with a translation of the commentary of the week’s Torah portion, background materials, study questions, and a drash focusing on the contemporary spiritual application. The second strand of text study offers lessons in mindfulness drawn from the parashah.


Spiritual Practice Teacher Training

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training (JMTT)

A 16-month program for experienced meditators who are teaching Jewish mindfulness in a variety of settings. The program includes three retreats, in-between study, mentoring by the faculty, and chevruta learning.


Think Tank Program Development

Mindfulness and Tikkun Middot Project for Jewish Communities

A three-year program, primarily funded by John Templeton Foundation, to promote character development in Jewish communities through mindfulness and tikkun middot practice. Participating communities include synagogues, seminaries, Hillels and Federations, led by alumni of the Institute’s long-term cohorts, including members of Hevraya and graduates of JMTT and Kivvun.

Prayer Project

This three-year program is exploring how prayer can serve as a spiritual practice. It includes consultations and retreats with prayer experts. The project may result in a cohort experience and curriculum development.
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Wise Aging

This new program will explore what resources, communal and curricular, are most helpful to people in order to reach new wisdom, joy, and satisfaction as they age. It is currently under development.

Vetaher Libeynu

A spiritual curriculum we have developed for use in local communities.
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Scholars In Residence

Faculty members visit congregations around the country, leading Shabbat programs  and teaching spiritual practices.
For more information, please email lisag@jewishspirituality.org